Glam Team

We are composed of an elite and bright team of talented girls who are dedicated to bringing today’s most sought after looks to life. Every style is customized to give you genuine confidence that radiates throughout your day.

Meet your Glam Team!

bridal hairstylist

“I am a traditional girl. I love simplicity, just the right amount of makeup to enhance her natural beauty and elegant effortless hair. “

bridal hairstylist

“That first meeting between the bride and I, there is an instant connection as soon as I touch her hair.”

bridal hairstylist 

“Making a brides vision come to life and then watching her expression as she sees herself as a bride for the first time is why I love my industry!”

bridal hairstylist

“I’m a hopeless romantic, I love to meet new clients, hear their stories, and take part in the excitement surrounding their special day.”

makeup artist

“I like to make women feel empowered, show women that everything they love has always been right there in front of them.”

hairstylist/makeup artist

If I could give you just one solid answer as to why I got into makeup artistry, it would be best expressed by this quote “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do” -Rumi

makeup artist

“The best part of my job is that it does’t actually feel like a job, I love what I do and it makes people happy.”

makeup artist

“Bohemian style brides are my all time favorite, the bride always looks effortlessly beautiful.”

oahu bridal hairstylist and makeup artist

bridal beauty coordinator

“All the months of communication are for one day, and when I see the professional photos, and find that one photo that showcases it all, it brings me to tears.”

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